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    Getting Married in Grand Cayman

    The Cayman Islands Government has made it easy for visitors to get married in this romantic Western Caribbean island trio. You may not know that there is no residency or waiting period required for visitors wishing to get married in Cayman! Our Government amended the Cayman Islands Marriage Law two years ago, eliminating the 72 hour residency period previously required. Couples can now marry on the day they arrive. This means that, with advance planning, visitors arriving by cruise ship can get married during their stay on Grand Cayman.

    We make all of the wedding arrangements for our guests. Your marriage license can be applied for by a Cayman Islands wedding officiant on behalf of the the wedding couple for a fee of US$250. This can be coordinated through your wedding specialist at the Westin or through your planner with Celebrations.

    Couples will need to provide the following where applicable when applying:

    In addition to the special license which may be granted by the Governor, marriages can take place in the Islands on the authority of certificates issued by a civil registrar or marriage officer. Most of the Islands' ministers of religion are marriage officers, appointed by the Governor, and a civil registrar is one by virtue of his office. All marriages must be attended by a marriage officer and by two other witnesses. Marriages must take place between the hours of 6 a.m. and 8 p.m., and with doors to the premises open.

    Couples arriving onboard cruise ships can expedite the process by contacting the Purser and informing him of their wedding plans and asking him to call ahead to the ship's agent for assistance in Cayman.

    You can rest assured that your Westin coordinator will make this process easy and seamless for you! We also work with Celebrations, a local company that offers services, including arranging the license, marriage officer, ceremony music, photography, and flowers.

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