We at the Westin Grand Cayman are lucky to call beautiful Seven Mile Beach our home. When you surround yourself with natural beauty all day long, it becomes extra important to find ways to protect the environment.

If you’re familiar with our property, then you know how much we value our Make a Green Choice initiative. This includes finding ways to cut back on water usage, energy, and other resources. Guests have the option of letting our team know at check-in if they’d like to participate. As an added incentive, for every night you decline housekeeping, you can enjoy a $5 voucher at participating food and beverage outlets or 500 Starpoints.

In addition to the ongoing green initiatives on property, we’re also excited to announce that we have a new campaign at the resort to decrease our plastic straw usage. This will be a multi-step process that will begin with not including a straw in every drink that is served to guests. Of course, there are some beverages that will require a straw, such as a blended drink, but, overall, the number of straws used will decreased.

The next phase of the project involves replacing all straws at the resort with paper straws. This is more of a long term goal but, eventually, we hope that every drink served will come with a paper straw.

This practice stems from an effort to decrease the number of plastic straws that end up in the ocean. According to environmental reports, if you lined up all of the plastic straws that go to waste every day then it would fill 125 school buses. At the Westin Grand Cayman, we serve roughly 1000 drinks per day so, over an annual period, we would be able to remove around 350,000 straws from the trash each year.

While our team is always looking for the best new resources, we appreciate hearing from our frequent travelers. We love to hear from our guests about other green initiatives they’ve seen in their travels, and, you never know, your recommendation may be utilized in the future.