Westin-Grand-Cayman-Seven-Mile-Beach-Resort-Westin-chiefBarani, or as he known in the kitchen now, the Italian stallion, is back on home soil! You’ll remember our post from two weeks ago announcing that Barani was headed off to Italy to compete in the Stars of Sugar competition against pastry chefs from around the world. Well, he is back and after so many requests, we have a full follow up post to tell you just how well he did!

As it turns out, this competition is way bigger of a deal than I had originally thought. This is the largest
and most decorated competition for pastry chefs, anywhere in the world. Most of the competitors were quite a bit older than our Barani, which had eyes on him from the moment he walked into the main building. Not to worry though, as you’ll remember from our previous post, Barani keeps his head down and puts his work above all other emotions.

Westin-Grand-Cayman-Seven-Mile-Beach-Resort-Westin-chief3There were 20 competitors who were invited to the competition for the Sugar category, all competing in the preliminary competition and all desperately trying to make it to the finals of which only nine would be selected. Barani showed the judges his technical skill and as we always are, they were quite taken back by this young man’s ability. After the judges made their rounds, Barani was selected as one of nine advancing into the final showcase.

As you can quite clearly see, what he created in the final showcase was nothing short of amazing. Every detail handcrafted into perfect position. I can’t even fathom the skill necessary to make something like this, let alone the creativity to come up with the idea. His flower, which we showcased in our previous post and photographed below, was the main topic of conversation at the competition, which had seasoned professionals inquiring into how he did it.

Barani did not win the trophy but his entry in the final showcase earned him a certificate of participation which he
carries with tremendous pride. And rightfully so as we couldn’t be more proud of what he set out to do. From all of us, Barani, congratulations on a major step forward chasing your dreams! To all of our fans and readers, please feel free to post your messages of congratulations and we will pass them on to our very own Italian Stallion.